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Cloud Security (CCSK)

3-day training preparing you for the Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK), the industry's first vendor-independent Cloud Security certification from the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA)

Cloud Security mode of Study

Option 1: Public course 3 day Certification Programme
Option 2: In-house training

CCSK a solid foundation in Cloud Security issues and best practices

This 3-day training prepares you for the Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK) and covers all domain topics outlined by the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) and the recommendations from the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA). The CCSK credential will provide foundational requirements for any future certifications that focus on specific professions, management or technical skills.

Cloud Security (CCSK) the industry's first Cloud Security certification

The CCSK is strongly supported by a broad coalition of experts and organisations from around the world. The collaboration between CSA and ENISA means that the world's two leading organisations for vendor-neutral Cloud Security research are providing the foundation for the industry's first Cloud Security certification.

About the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA)

The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) is a not-for-profit organisation with a mission to promote the use of best practices for providing security assistance within Cloud Computing, and to provide education on the use of Cloud Computing to help secure all other forms of computing. The Cloud Security Alliance  (CSA) is led by a broad coalition of industry practitioners, corporations, associations and other stakeholders. The CSA certification board is a diverse group of Cloud Security experts from around the world.

About the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA)

ENISA is the EU's response to cyber security issues within the European Union. The objective of ENISA is to be the European hub for exchange of information, best practices and knowledge in the field of information security.

Cloud Security training and certification - target group

The 3-day training on Cloud Security is relevant to any IT professional who is planning to use cloud computing or is already working in the cloud. Naturally, the audience will include the likes of the Chief Information Officer (CIO), Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), IT and security professional.

Did you know that almost 75% of all organisations find security the greatest barrier to cloud adoption?

Cloud Security (CCSK) Body of Knowledge and course materials

The Cloud Security training includes:

  • CSA Security Guidance for Critical Areas of Focus in Cloud Computing v4.0
  • ENISA Book on Cloud Computing Security Risk Assessment
  • Relevant white papers on Cloud Computing
  • NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) Documentations on the cloud: Guidelines on Security and Privacy in Public Cloud Computing; the NIST Definition of Cloud Computing; Cloud Computing Synopsis and Recommendations
  • CSA Cloud Controls Matrix (CCM)

Cloud Security (CCSK) exam

The Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK) is a web-based, multiple-choice examination of individual competency in key Cloud Security issues. The test is a 60 question, timed examination, which must be completed within 90 minutes.

Will the Cloud Security (CCSK) certification expire?

The CCSK certification does not expire, however it will be given a version number equating it to a specific Body of Knowledge. It is likely that updated exams will be regarded as the Body of Knowledge changes.

Cloud Security (CCSK) - prerequisites

The Cloud Security training is designed to interest any IT professional and there is no requirement for preliminary knowledge or understanding of this subject matter.

Cloud Security (CCSK) a viable substitute for other certifications?

The CCSK is not a substitute for other certifications in information security, audit and governance.

Cloud Security (CCSK) CPE credits that can be applied to other certifications

Other certifying bodies will provide CPE credits for the one-hour to take the CCSK test and the other hours required to study for the test.

Cloud Security (CCSK) training feedback from participants

'The training was useful to understand cloud structure a bit more in detail. I will use this information in my organisation.'

'The Cloud Security training helped to get better understanding of both; cloud and security.'

'This training will help us to develop a security strategy and architecture and provide us the bullit point to address these better.'


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Cloud Security (CCSK) training in-house

With at least 5 persons, an in-company training on Cloud Security could be your best choice. An in-house training has several advantages:

  • It saves time and money;
  • Enables you to train in the comfort of your own working environment;
  • Can be arranged for groups of 5 people or more;
  • Will take place at a time chosen by and convenient for you; and
  • Sensitive issues can be openly discussed because there are no outsiders.

Are you interested? Please call us at +31 (0)40 - 246 02 20 or send an e-mail to info@imfacademy.com to discuss the possibilities.


Cloud Security (CCSK) training program
The Cloud Security training program consists of 3 training days. The following topics are discussed:


  • Introduction to Cloud Computing
  • Infrastructure Security for Cloud
  • Management Plane Security
  • Create and Secure a Public Cloud Instance


  • Managing Cloud Security
  • Risk Analysis
  • Data Security for Cloud
  • Audit, Compliance and the CCM


  • Securing Cloud Applications
  • Cloud Data Architectyres
  • Identity and Access Management
  • CASB and Security as a Service (SaaS)
  • Review and exam preparation

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The trainer of the 3-day Cloud Security (CCSK) training is a Cloud Credential Council certified CCSK instructor.

Start date(s)

The Cloud Security Certification (CCSK) training consists of 3 days. The training will take place in Utrecht (The Netherlands) on:

  • 25 + 26 + 27 June 2019

Fee / Registration

The fee of the 3-day Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK) training is € 2.480 (VAT excl.). The fee includes lunches, coffee, tea, course materials and test token to take the CCSK exam. A notebook computer with wireless capability is required for all training days.

Step 1/4: Your selection

Terms & Conditions
Delegates may transfer to a later training (if possible), but must notify us 3 weeks prior to the start of the booked training. In case you are not able to attend, an alternate participant for the training can be substituted within 7 days of the training commencement for no additional charge.

Written cancellations will be accepted up to 3 weeks prior to the commencement of the Certificate of Cloud Security (CCSK) training. We will incur 5% of the charge (with a minimum of € 95) administration costs. If you cancel within 3 weeks before the start of the CCSK training, you have to pay 100% of the charge.

Payment for course fees must be received before the start of the course, though always within 30 days of the  invoice date.

Cloud Security (CCSK)

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