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Certified Data Management Professional (CDMP)

Become a data management professional and join this 4-day training leading to the worldwide recognised Certified Data Management Professional (CDMP) title of DAMA International

Certified Data Management Professional (CDMP) – mode of study

Option 1: 4-day training – in-class and live online
Option 2: In-company training – in-class and live online

CDMP – the gold standard in the data management field

Data management is one of the youngest professions and many of you work in jobs that didn't even exist before. Organisations across the globe need knowledgeable data professionals who can help them better leverage their data assets in a world of ever-increasing data volumes and real-time business requirements. 

CDMP - data management fundamentalsThe Certified Data Management Professional (CDMP) credential is a globally recognized certification and many organisations are asking for this certification (more than other certifications) as a mandatory requirement for employment in the data management field. The CDMP certificate shows that you are capable, knowledgeable and an expert in your field. Surveys show that CDMP-certified data management professionals earn more, and advance at a more rapid pace than their non-certified colleagues. The 4-day CDMP training is a comprehensive training program to help data-driven professionals prepare for the certification requirements of the official CDMP exam.

All organisations need certainty that people who are managing this important strategic asset are qualified. Become a CDMP now and register today for this top data management professional training!

We help you pass the CDMP exam the first time!

The Certified Data Management Professional (CDMP) exam is based on the extensive DAMA-DMBoK2 and covers a variety (14) of (data) topics. During the training, these topics will be covered accordingly. It requires quite an investment in time and effort to prepare for the exam. The difficulty of the exam lies in the time constraint in combination with the volume of material and variety of topics. Therefore, the trainers will provide you with great tips, tricks, summaries, use cases and advise to help you pass the exam the first time!

Why become CDMP certified?

The DAMA-DMBoK2 is a good representation of the type of skills and knowledge you are expected to have. It is also very important that data management professionals work according to a standardised framework. Moreover, being able to call yourself a Certified Data Management Professional (CDMP) has added value. 

The CDMP exam offers excellence in the field of data strategy, a much-needed discipline in our data-rich world today. The credential is extremely relevant in today's job marketplace. CDMP is associated with high-level leadership positions. The CDMP title is recognised by (potential) employers and clients in the commercial and governmental sector as indicating deep knowledge of data management.

About DAMA

DAMA International is the global membership organisation for data management professionals. The CDMP certification was established by DAMA Int. and is the gold standard for measuring accomplishment in the data management field. For over 30 years now, DAMA has been the leading organisation for data professionals by developing a comprehensive body of data management standards and practices.

Who should be CDMP certified?

The CDMP credential is a must for Chief Data Officers (CDO's), CIO's, data governance managers, data quality managers, data scientists, data architects, data specialists, data engineers, data administrators, data analysts, data modelers, database administrators, DWH analysts, Business Intelligence (BI) professionals, information/ application/ solutions architects, project/program managers, business analysts, Data Protection Officers (DPO's) and many other data professionals.

CDMP exam information

The Certified Data Management Professional (CDMP) exam is based on DAMA-DMBoK2 (the latest version) and covers 14 topics. During the training these topics will be covered accordingly. The exam question coverage by each of the topics is:
1.   Data management process - 2%
2.   Big data - 2%
3.   Data architecture - 6%
4.   Document and content management - 6%
5.   Data ethics - 2%
6.   Data governance - 11%
7.   Data integration and interoperability - 6%
8.   Master and reference data management - 10%
9.   Data modelling and design - 11%
10. Data quality - 11%
11. Data security - 6%
12. Data storage and operations - 6%
13. Data Warehousing (DWH) and Business Intelligence (BI) - 10%
14. Metadata management - 11%

With the CDMP exam (included in the course fee), you receive a free membership of DAMA International for the period of 3 years The CDMP exam consists of 100 questions and you have 90 minutes to complete the exam once you start. If English is not your native language, you will get an additional 20 minutes to complete the exam. The CDMP exam is an online open book exam. A final score of 60% leads to passing the exam.

Retake of the CDMP exam

If you don't pass the CDMP exam the first time, you may retake the exam (at extra cost). There is no minimum time frame between your first attempt and your retake.

How do you maintain your CDMP title?

The CDMP certification is valid for 3 years. After this period, you will need to purchase a DAMA International membership for your certification to remain valid.

Prerequisites for the CDMP exam

The CDMP exam is for professionals with around 6 months to 2 years of industry experience.

Other interesting trainings for you

The following trainings could also be relevant for you and/or your colleagues:


Former delegates rate this Certified Data Managament Professional training with a 9 (on a scale from 1 to 10)! Some remarks of former participants:

'No missing subjects, but considering the content load, training time could be even longer. Both trainers were experts on the topics, examples from indusrty were provided, which I found very useful. Practical, to-the-topic.'
Cem Tezgör, IT Risk Manager, MUFG Bank (Europe)

'The topics from the book were all covered. Excellent training'
Anustup Roy, ABN AMRO

'It's a lot, but very interesting! Good, in-depth view of all the different components of the DMBOK.'

'Excellent training. Provided me with more understanding on data managament practices.'
Abimbola Salami, Data scientist

'Very good, practical info. Which can directly be applied in day-to-day business.'
Jelle Rictveld, Data analyst/Data scientist

'Very great training as preparation to the CDMP exam.'

'Very good, useful, and broad from initative, knowledge areas, how to adopt ect.'
Sagar Bhoundie, IT Architect, Conclusion


With at least 5 participants, an in-house training could be your best choice. An in-company training, customized to the needs of your organisation, has many advantages and:

  • saves you and your colleagues time
  • enables you to train in the comfort of your own working environment
  • saves travel and accommodation expenses
  • can be arranged at dates convenient for you
  • sensitive issues can be discussed openly since no outsiders are present

Do you prefer an in-company training? Please contact us for more information. We are more than happy to discuss the various possibilities with you.


Data management, data architecture and data governance (DAMA-DMBOK part I)

  • Data management: relation with DAMA-DMBOK and the role of data governance
  • Introduction of knowledge areas
  • Data architecture: business, functional and technical architecture and the relation with enterprise and application architecture
  • Data architecture in relation with big data, data lakes, Data Warehouses (DWH), data virtualization and analytics/data science
  • Positioning, coherence and added value of the business and IT
  • Examples, use cases

Metadata, reference and master data, Data Warehousing (DWH) and Business Intelligence (BI) (DAMA-DMBOK part 2)

  • The new role of data: 'data as an asset'
  • Action plans for implementation based on context diagrams
  • DMBOK as framework: backgrounds
  • Introduction and in-depth discussion of knowledge areas metadata, reference & master data, Data Warehousing (DWH) & Business Intelligence (BI)

Data modelling and design, data quality, data integration, storage, security (DAMA-DMBOK part 3)

  • Introduction and in-depth discussion of data modelling and design, data quality, data integration, storage, security

Documents and content management, big data and data science, data privacy and ethics, Data Management Maturity Model (DIY) (DAMA DMBOK part 4)

  • Introduction and in-depth discussion of documents and content management, big data and data science, data privacy and ethics
  • Introduction and application of the DAMA Data Management Maturity Model
  • CDMP exam preparation


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When you successfully pass the DAMA CDMP exam, you may use the CDMP title. You always receive a personal certificate for attending the training.


Your trainers are all top data management experts and sought-after presenters.

Your lead trainer is: 

Ronald Baan CDMP Master

Ronald Baan - IMF AcademyRonald Baan is CDMP Master certified and is President of DAMA (Data Management Association) Netherlands. Additionally, Ronald runs his own consultancy company. He has extensive experience in advising and training on all aspects of data management.

Start date(s)

The Certified Data Management Professional (CDMP) training consists of 4 days, in-class and live online (up to your choice). Each day lasts from 09.30 hrs - 17.00 hrs Central European Time (CET). The classroom training will be organized in the surroundings of Amsterdam on the following dates:

  • 15 + 16 October + 5 + 6 November 2024

Fee / Registration

The fee for the 4-day Certified Data Management Professional (CDMP) training is € 4,380 (VAT excl.) per person. The fee includes the official DAMA-DMBoK2 guide and a voucher for the official CDMP exam of DAMA International (value € 400), all lunches, coffee/tea and documentation.

Step 1/4: Your selection *

Participant substitution and transfer
Delegates may be substituted until 30 days prior to the start of the CDMP training without further fee, provided notice is given in writing. Delegates requesting a transfer to a later training date may do so without incurring penalty fees, provided payment for the training has been received and the request is received in writing at least 30 days before the start date of the CDMP training.
Participant cancellation
Cancellations will be accepted up to 30 days prior to the initial starting date of the training. In this case we will invoice 10% of the training fees for administrative costs. If you cancel within 30 days before the start of the CDMP training, you will have to pay the full training fee. All cancellations must be received in writing.
Payment of training fees must be received within 30 days of the invoice date, though always before the start of the Certified Data Management Professional (CDMP) training.

Certified Data Management Professional (CDMP)

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